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Who is Cryo Science?
We are a family owned and operated business that serves the business community large and small along with the individual needs of the general public. We provide our unique Cryogenic Treatment to some of the largest Companies in the World to Medium and Small businesses and also to the individual that wants to extend the life and increase the performance of their professional or personal items.
How Cryogenic Treatment Works

Cryogenic treatment is one of the most effective treatments to improve the quality, strength and durability of metals.

When metal is formed at atmospheric temperature and pressure the molecules are disorganized and contain weak carbon particles called Austenite. What Cryogenic Treatment does is to convert these disorganized molecules and weak carbon particles into highly organized molecules and very strong carbon particles called Martinsite.

The end result of this conversion is extremely strong and durable metal. Durability (resistance to wear and fatigue) is around 100% (that’s double), the typical increase in strength is 30% to 50%. This results in dramatically reduced replacement costs. In fact typical results are a doubling of the time between engine rebuilds, replacement of disk brake rotors and also doubles the amount of cutting that virtually any blade can do before they need sharpening.

Another benefit of Cryogenic treatment is that the metal becomes a very efficient dissipated of heat. This means engines, transmissions, disk brakes, and cutting tools run much, much cooler.