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Wilmington, California
Cryo your Stock or Hi-Performance Engine, Transmission, & Suspension!!
Up to 50% increase in Strength and up to Double the life of parts subject to wear and parts run cooler!!
Engine internals - rings, main and rod bearings last up to 2 times longer - increases valve spring rates 1 to 3 %
Up to double the life for Manual Transmission Gears and Syncro’s
Automatic Transmissions run up to 50 degrees cooler-less friction=more HP
Ring and Pinion gears last up to twice as long
Disc brake Rotors & Pads last up to 3 times longer
Disc brake Rotors & Pads run up to 120 degrees cooler
OUR PROCESS is Race Proven in “Best of the Desert”,“SCORE”,”SCCA”,”NASCAR”,“VARA” Racing and more!!!
TREATMENT FEES(pricing for standard size parts)
Eccentric Main Shaft
Rotor Housing
End/Middle Housing(each)
Stationary Gear
Seals/Springs(per rotor)
Oil Control/Rotor Seal Rings
Rotor Bearing(each)
Main Bearing
Disc Rotors - each
(Brake Pads Metallic)
$25 & Up[dol]
Ring & Pinion
Entire Engine Assy 1 (2) [3]Rot.
$300 ($450) [$575]
Metallic Clutch
[Pressure Plate]
We use the most advanced computer controlled treatment to achieve up to 50% increase in strength and double the life of parts that wear!!

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