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Increase Your Golf Club’s Accuracy and
Increase Your Driving Distance by up to 15 yards!!!
Our Advanced Computer Controlled Cryogenic Treatment
(-300 degree Cold Tempering)
Increases the Performance of Your Golf Clubs and Balls.
***** Cryogenic Treatment is so Effective that *****

Jack Nicklaus Has His Own Line of Cryogenically Treated Clubs!!!
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>> Cryogenic Treatment Actually Re-Organizes the Inconsistent Molecular Structure in your Metal Clubs & Results in a Greatly Enhanced Sweet Spot and Greater Accuracy!
Increased Kinetic Energy Transfer From Club Heads & Metal Shafts
>> Increased Trampoline Effect in Club Face
>> Increases Your Drives by up to 15 Yards!
>> Metal Heads & Shafts Have Cleaner Contact and Rebound
>> A Virtually Vibration Free Response!
>> Increased Dimensional Stability in Metal Shafts
>> Less Twisting – Straighter Drives!
>> Cryo’d Golf Balls Average 5-10 yards increase with a 100mph swing speed.
****(Golf Balls not legal in some Professional Tournaments)****
*Prices for assembled Club Head & Shaft include
Club head and grip removal & re-installation*
Metal Wood with Steel shaft (each)
Metal Wood with Graphite Shaft (each)
Iron with Steel shaft (each)
Iron with Graphite Shaft (each)
Metal Wood Club Head (each)
Iron Club Head (each)
Steel Shaft (each)
Complete Set
(includes 3 metal woods, 7 irons, pitching & sand wedge)
10% Off
Golf Balls (dozen)
48 to 72-hour turnaround on orders over $300.00
NOTE: Treatment at –300 degrees can cause some grips, plastic, epoxied, and graphite parts to crack or chip. Therefore we remove them before Cryo’ing. Though infrequent, some cosmetic damage or damage to the Graphite shaft may occur in the case of club disassembly, Cryo Science is not responsible for damage to any of these parts or for their repair or replacement.